💡What we do

Archipels offers several products but this documentation is designed to help you with our product Certify. To know more about Connect and Decentralized Identity, please refer to our website.

Archipels Certify is a solution for document and data certification on the Blockchain. Secure your documents and data with evidential value thanks to the anchoring on a trusted Blockchain.

  • Auditability: make your documents, structured data and processes auditable with the Blockchain.

  • Traceability: Record your documents and data as evidence to validate the authenticity of each change.

  • Compliance: comply with European regulations (RGPD, eIDAS 2).

We built a blockchain based solution that allows issuers to certify the documents and datas when they emit it. These entities send document or data hashs by API calls to our Trust Registry deployed and connected to Archipels' blockchain. Every hash and its metadatas is stored in data structure inside a smart contract, allowing the data to be retrieved if we look for this hash.

A hash ?

A hash being a unique mathematical transformation of the data of a data or file, if anyone wants to verify the authenticity of a document or data certified by one of our customer, they just have to use the interface displayed by Archipels or our customer.


Our API services allow you to host the SDK on your servers and therefore to hash the datas and documents yourself before requesting the proof creation to the API.

Only hashs will be transmited to Archipels. Then our Trust Registry will build Merkle Trees and only the global roots are anchored in the blockchain.

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